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Solar Home Lightning

Home lighting System are power-driven by solar energy expending solar cells that transform solar energy (sunshine) unswervingly to energy. The energy is warehoused in succession of batteries and then disbursed for the perseverance & persistence of lighting each and every time obligatory. These systems are convenient in non-electrified rural zones and as consistent & dependable substitute lighting system for imperative domestic, commercial and industrial solicitations. The SPV systems have instituted significant & essential application in the dairy industry for igniting milk assortment/ chilling centers customarily positioned in pastoral regions.

The Solar Home Lighting system is a immovable connection intended for internal domestic solicitation. The system encompasses of Solar PV Module (Solar Cells), charge controller, battery and lighting system (lamps & fans).The solar component is mounted in the uncluttered on roof/terrace - unprotected to sunlight and the safekeeping controller and battery are kept privileged a endangered habitation in the house. The solar segment entails interrupted dredging for effective operational enactment.

Solar systems are premeditated to contribute a quotidian functioning time of 5-6 hours with abundantly charged battery. The system transports for embankment stowage for 2-3 non-sunny /cloudy days.

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Solar Home Lighting System

Solar Home Lightning System

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