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Our Services

Design And Development Of Trunky Earthing Solutions
Comprehensive Auditing of Earthing Sites
Training And Development
Annual Maintenance Contract
  • Comprehensive On Call Basis
  • Centre For Excellence-Online Phone Support
  • Supply Of Skilled Subject Experts
Other Services
  • Earth Pit Testing
  • Soil Resistivity Test
  • Ohmic Value Test
  • Standard Compliances
  •         IS 3043:1987
  •         ISO 9001:2008

At "Alfredkim Systems & Solutions Pvt. Ltd.", quality has been the paramount objective since our inception and we maintain a stringent quality policy for protecting customer's integrity with us.

For your speculative prominence we would like to make you cognizant of the succeeding services presently we covenant into:

  • Wide-ranging grounding & Lightning arrestor / conductor.
  • Wide
  • Center for distinction for any trademark chemical earthing& lightning merchandise sustenance facilities.
  • Annual Maintenance Contract – Any marquee, Repairs ervices, restoration parts.
  • 16X7 On-site/off shore support services.
  • Comprehensive specialized training services to accomplish earthing & lightning substructure.

Supplier of supplementary accessories/material i.e. Ground Enrichment Material, Polyplastic pit covers, concrete pit covers, rawmaterial all kind of metal strips and conductors etc.

Besides above we are correspondingly pioneer into subscription of our more than a few value added services to safeguard your widespread infrastructure by means of considerable elongated life span and indorse you acquire comprehensive value of your money.

Earthing system comprehensive technical audit:
  • Ascertain the current earthing necessities & incorporate variations if any
  • Perceive imperfect mechanisms.
  • Apply resolutions and appropriate pre-emptive rectifications.
  • Inspect soil resistivity trials / constraints
  • Governor and repair drips
Annual Maintenance Contract.
Intensive care sporadically the healthiness of the grounding system.
Conduct technical assessments to proactively dodge impending intimidations, disproportionate & indemnities to altogether equipment's and human life.
Skilful and specialized training to your upkeep staff to screen & control complete earthing set up.
Engender proactive alarms to safeguard of comprehensive infrastructure.