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Sealed maintenance free chemical packed conductors mounted with high prominence explicit & specific impassable chemical compounds which prevents & shield sin contrast to any decay & decomposition acquiescent to IS: 3043 1787 code for practice for earthing.

In the earth bore we perpendicularly erect our chemical earthing electrode and at that moment contiguous to electrode colliery we dispense a concoction of yet an additional type of chemical motley with soil and meticulously pulverized with water.

This chemical is termed as GBFC (Ground Back Fill Compound) a kind of interminable & conservation free (no revitalizes with salt or chemical which may be corrosive) and downright preserve earth restively with time. This compound cliques stead fastly and not either dissolve or decompose or otherwise pollute the soil and decidedly appropriate for installation in dry or slurry form. The compound has no enslavement on the incessant pressure of water to sustain its conductivity.

GBFC chemical hurriedly engrosses moisture from the soil when used dry to influence determined conductivity in days. Consequently in the preliminary phases for 5-6 days only it is candidly counseled to dispense water to countenance the compound effusively settled leaving no inhalation probability in the pit , this compound is decidedly unwavering long term, low resistance fill for high resistance soil sites having high electrical conductivity .GEM has also a low freezing point and low expansion dynamic and preserves further moisture for considerable elongated period of time and delivers all-encompassing fortification to an earthing .

We are an IS0 9001:2008 certified company adhering rigorously IS: 3043 1987 code of practice for earthing sternly observing thorough standard, guidelines & procedures, our most of the range of electrodes are meticulously Certified and tested CPRI, GEM(Ground Enhancing Material ) is Certified from National Accreditation Board For Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL).

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Ground Back Filling Compound

Ground Back Filling Compound

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