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EARTH PIT TESTING(ohmic value test or soil resistivity test)

It is imperative to sporadically & periodically inspect & examine the performance of your earthing equipment�s along with all other linked mechanisms to be certain & convinced of any apprehensive performance disputes. Due to quite a few conservational, environmental and upsurge of load by supplementary resources, insufficiency of an suitable upkeep means may directly influence the performance of services predictable to acquire from such precarious installation which entails to be reviewed intermittently to certify infrastructure & human protection. Earth pit testing is a very essential process to ensure whether our earthing system is working properly or not. This test must be done time to time or at least twice a year. Earth pit testing includes the following tests:-
1) Soil Resistivity Test:-This test is done to analyse the resistivity value of the soil by an instrument known as Megger. We can do artificial treatment of the soil if the resistivity found is too high
2) Earthing Resistance Test-This test is mainly done to find the resistivity value of the soil after the earth electrode is installed. This test important to ensure the proper working of the earthing electrode. This test is also done by the Megger with the help of two spikes.