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Crystalline Conductive Mixture

Crystalline Conductive Mixture is also termed as CCM. It is a highly enriched material with eminent composition. It contains material elements which are highly hygroscopic as well as anti-corrosive. This material enhances the current dissipation capability of earthing electrode. The most desirable feature of CCM is that it does not disintegrate when the electrode corrodes.

CCM is filled inside all the earthing electrodes. Our crystalline conductive compound constructs a conductive precinct inside the sealed unit and propositions much augmented & amplified region for peak current dissipation i.e. low earth resistance and exceedingly conductive moreover can effortlessly withstand a high temperature which is dissipated at an extent of 2500° centigrade.

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Crystalline Conductive Mixture

Crystalline Conductive Mixture

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