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Chemical Earthing Electrodes – Eminence features

  • Revolutionary low resistance grounding electrode.
  • Safeguards assured extreme protection from electrical system culpabilities.
  • Conservation less system, does not involve unvarying water bestow unlike in conventional earthing set up.
  • Upholds reliable, consistent & abiding earth resistance.
  • Restricts the system-to-ground or system-to-frame voltage to values harmless for workforces.
  • Proposition a comparatively steady & sheltered system with a least possible of transient over voltages.
  • Authorize any system culpability to ground to speedily inaccessible.
  • Safeguards in contradiction of static electricity from abrasion.
  • Averts static charge & abandoned current mishaps.
  • Donate with good grounds for electric progression mechanism and communiqué circuits.
  • Conductive compound paradigms a conductive precinct and bargains much amplified area for uttermost current dissipation.
  • Low earth resistance. High conductive.
  • Transmits high peak current repetitively. Ceaselessly withstand virtually the indistinguishable earth resistance value irrespective of soil & climate circumstances.
  • Multi - directional dissipation of current.
  • Alleviate circuit impending with respect to ground and bound inclusive potential rise.
  • Eco Friendly, innocuous, unswerving and anti corrosive.
  • Considerable over extended life expectancy.
  • Straight forward & trouble free to mount.