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  • The role of CCM in Earthing Pipe

The role of CCM in Earthing Pipe

role of CCM in earthing pipe

Crystalline conducive material :-  An earthing should be capable of enduring very high fault current and to enable it a highly conducting earthing surface area should be provided to discharge a fault current rapidly into the ground. Our Crystalline conducive material is the semi mixture of various highly conducting metals to ensure a high fault current discharge capacity of earthing pipe.

This semi metal mixture is filled into the hollow space of earthing pipe which makes its whole surface highly conducting and prevents shrinking and damaging of that earthing pipe at very high fault currents. A high fault current causes to temperature rise according to joule’s heat law:

Which states that when a current I ampere is passes through circuit with resistance R ohms for the time of T SECONDS the amount of heat produced is given by the relation


The above stated relation is called Joule’s law which states that the amount of heat produced is directly proportional to:

  • Square root of current.
  • Resistance of the circuit.
  • The amount of time during which current flows through the circuit.


Above equation states that as a amount of current increases with time the amount of heat produced is also increases.

Therefore an Earthing should be designed to easily endure a amount of fault current over a period of time minimum 3 seconds until breaker detects the fault and shutdown a power supply.

So our crystalline conducive material makes whole part of Earthing pipe highly conducting to endure a very high fault current over a elongated period of time.

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