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  • Alfredkim Introduces A New Technology – Pipe In Pipe Earthing Electrode

Alfredkim Introduces A New Technology – Pipe In Pipe Earthing Electrode

Pipe In Pipe Earthing Electrode

Alfredkim keeps on introducing and adding new technologies in Earthing Segment. It has now indulged itself in the manufacturing of Pipe In Pipe technology based Earthing Electrodes. Alfredkim is among the preferred suppliers of Pipe in Pipe Earthing Electrode in India. It is available in varied sizes and material grades(GI and copper).

These electrodes increase the life expectancy of the system and insure safety of the personnel. Alfredkim make chemical earthing system provides low resistance path in ground to any fault & leakage currents and ensure the smooth flow of the the current to the ground.

This technology consists of primary earthing electrode (outer pipe) and secondary earthing electrode (inner pipe). The secondary electrode is inserted inside the primary electrode and the process of hot dip galvanization is well performed to a level of 80 – 100 microns. The galvanization takes care of the elongated life span by protecting it from corrosion.

The space between the primary and secondary electrode is duly filled with a highly conductive and non-corrosive compound which safeguards the earthing electrode getting corrode over a long period of time under the soil. Also the conductive compound ensures the easy distribution of leakage/fault current if it is landed on the earthing electrode. Earthing electrodes are sealed at both the ends with two terminals for the connection of the earthing electrode Backfill compound to be used with the earthing electrode depending upon the soil conditions

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