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Solar Power a world-shattering & ground breaking imminent.

 alfredk      Solar Power       09th Apr 2015

Anil Kumar, CMD, AlfredKim Systems & Solutions Pvt.Ltd.

Your company is diversifying & expanding by augmenting the extent of business into solar installation and EPC of solar power projects. Consequently as per out timid institution of novel solar artifact assortment we would necessitate solar power plant of specification ranging  between 1kVA-5kVA single phase and 10kVA,15kVA & 20kVA up to 1MV   three phase grid tied.

Solar foun......Read More

Protection is our assurance: series -3

 alfredk      Earthing Protection       04th Apr 2015

Protection is our assurance: series -3
The essential belief in fortification of life expectancy and possessions compared to lightning is establishment of a means by which lightning emancipation & liberation can arrive or dispensation earth with no consequential impairment or forfeiture to the aptitude or inhabitants. A low-impedance pathway to ground is indispensable to guarantee this uninterrupted emancipation, and to endeavor to accomplish the path of currents, generalizing disagreeable current stream through building materials, pa......Read More

Protection is our assurance: series -2

 alfredk      Earthing Protection       26th Mar 2015

Portection is our assurance series 2
Every single punter's electrical connection should be on condition that with an earthing incurable which shall be positioned contiguous to the patrons source ingestion. All through the patron’s electrical connection, an earth contentiousness electrode of an passable magnitude and colored green/yellow should be delivered and associated to the earthing terminal. The cross sectional expanse of copper earth permanency conductors should be in harmony with an applicable distance.

The earthing ter......Read More

Protection is our assurance: series -1

 alfredk      Earthing Protection       14th Mar 2015

Portection is our assurance series 1
There is an intrinsic protection delinquent in earth resistance testing that entails carefulness, precautions and through scheduling by the consumer. The likelihood subsists that a culpability in the power system will origin significantly an extraordinary current to stream into the ground system although the assessment is in involvement. This may source astonishing high energies to act at the current and voltage postmortems and correspondingly at the terminus's of the test set. This potential pe......Read More
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