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Can Ground Back Fill Compound Improve the Earth Conductivity?

 alfredk      Chemical Compounds       22nd Jun 2015

Back Fill Compound (SABO-EREC)
Alfred offers a wide range of Ground Back Fill Compound. These are manufactured using highly reached raw material keeping in mind the requirements of our clients.

The Earthing compounds offered by us are made as per the standards.

Back Fill Compound (SABO-EREC)

Alfred kimmoist Chemical is a superior conductive material that improves earthing resistivity in mostly areas of poor conductivity (rocky ground, areas of moisture variation, sandy soils etc.).

It improves the......Read More

Annual Maintenance Contract Provide By Alfredkim

 alfredk      Maintenance       15th Jun 2015

Annual Maintenance Contract Provide By Alfredkim
It has been an inordinate rebellion of new generation’s groundbreaking maintenance free chemical earthing electrodes together with traditional & conventional earthing technology. Primarily it was an enormous challenge for us to extent new innovatory familiarity and cognizance about this novel technology but over a period of time with too many if & buts we all started acquiescing its consequence & importance in our everyday life.

Thus it is considerably imperativ......Read More

Copper Bonded Electrodes – A New Feather in Alfredkim Product Cap

 alfredk      Earthing Electrode       08th Jun 2015

Best Copper Bonded Electrodes
Alfredkim Systems & Solutions Pvt Ltd Limited is among the top leading suppliers of Copper Bonded earthing electrode. We have attained proficiency in offering Earthing electrodes in different sizes and dimensions as per the requirement. We have employed our highly technical and skilful employees for the design of Copper Bonded Electrode.

Besides being the largest manufacturer of Earthing System, ALFREDKIM is a firm that continuously keeps on adding technically advance ran......Read More

Alfredkim Chemical Earthing Electrode

 alfredk      Earthing Electrode       02nd Jun 2015

Best Chemical Earthing Electrode Manufacturer
We Alfredkim EARTHING Electrode Ltd, headquartered in Faridabad is a 10 year old Earthing Electrode manufacturing major providing earthing electrodes that are maintenance free and we have since been offering end to end earthing solutions for the past many years to many major industrial establishments across India.

We possess the width, depth, space and expertise in our management capability and can shoulder, under......Read More

Earthing: Ascertaining Unique Way of Protection

 alfredk      Earthing Protection       28th May 2015

Earthing system
Earthing is an integral part of all electric installations whether it is generating station, a transmission/distribution system or an industrial/commercial or domestic user. A properly designed grounding system ensures correct operation of protective devices on occurrence of earth faults or lightning strikes, safety of equipment and personnel and prevents build –up of electrostatic charges or occurrence of dangerous induced voltages on equipments and structures.
An earthing system is the tota......Read More
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