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  • How to Use GI Pipe With Copper Strip In Earthing?

How to Use GI Pipe With Copper Strip In Earthing?

GI pipe with Copper strip earthing

GI pipe with Copper strip earthing: An earthing metal should be capable to endure and dissipate a fault current into the ground rapidly. An earthing may be pipe/rod driven into ground or plate .Earthing pipe/rod or plate should be of good quality material which has good electrical properties. Copper and Galvanised Steel are widely used metals in earthing industry. Galvanised steel type are prefer over others due to its anti corrosion properties and low cost. The galvanization process deposits a thick layer of zinc over mild steel pipe. The electrical conductivity of this galvanised pipe does not vary much as compare to steel. But the corrosion rate of this galvanised pipe decrease, thus increase life expectancy of earthing.



GI Pipe with copper strip earthing system is most commonly used and reliable system. In this method of earthing, a galvanised iron pipe of suitable length and diameter is buried into earth with copper strip inside it along the whole length.

The dia and length of the pipe are decided according to soil conditions and fault current to be endured. Normally minimum diameter and length of GI pipe is selected according to IS 3043-1987.A minimum 40mm dia GI pipe should be used with 2-3 meter length. The depth of earthing pipe to be buried also decided according to IS 3043-1987 states that resistivity of soil becomes uniform after 2-3 meter of length. This GI earthing pipe is provided with Copper strip welded at both the opposite faces.

Copper being a very high conductive metal is frequently used in electrical industry. A high carbon copper strip inside the GI pipe helps to dissipate a fault current rapidly. Also this copper strip provides a fast parallel path for a fault current along the pipe means lesser fault current on GI pipe and long life.

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