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Do You Have Safe and Efficient Grounding System?

Grounding Systems

The term grounding or earthing means the connection of a part of equipment of appliance to the ground or earth. This connection is through a conductor of very low resistivity. Grounding basically done is of two type’s i.e. neutral grounding and body grounding.

Neutral grounding is done to balance the supply load. Since due unbalanced load the fault current is produced, these fault current is huge in amount and may damage electrical appliances and if in case of insulation failure my also danger to human life. While body grounding is done is done in case of insulation failure in any case.

The grounding systems are of two types:

1.Conventional earthing: This is the traditional type of earthing system which uses charcoal, rock salt, water pipe, copper plate. This earthing requires replacement of earthing materials like charcoal, salt in every 3-4 years. Even due to more moisture copper plates get corroded after some times i.e. reduction of life. Even the installation needs depth of 30-40 feet.


2.Chemical earthing: this is modern trend of earthing consist of latest technology. The main advantage of chemical earthing is that its installation requires only depth of 8-10 feet only. The materials used in this system are metal electrode (GI or Cu), CCM (crystalline conductive mixture), Ground Backfill Compound (GBFC ). This type of earthing is maintenance free and its approximate life is about 20-25 years.




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