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Monthly Archives: November 2015

gi earthing electrodes

Role of GI Earthing Electrode in Electrical Earthing

GI (galvanized iron) earthing electrode is type of chemical earthing electrode which is very commonly use in the industry on very large scale to protect the machine building circuits etc and whole electrical equipment. GI earthing is made by high ductile and tensile material known as mild steel on which zinc coating is done through hot dip process (80-100 micron).

GI Earthing Electrode

We use very good quality of chemical (mixture of aluminum silicate + betonite) and GI strip which is capable to pass whole fault current to the earth. GI earthing is very suitable for the body earthing of transformers, machine, HT and LT panels. Our company makes a remarkable place in manufacturing of GI earthing electrode. Our squad have extremely skillful engineer stand for all qualitative consideration. Our good quality and best services established a benchmark in the market and for competitor also

Broad features of this product are listed below:

– High ductile strength..

– Dimensional precision.

– Oxidization resistance.

– High Tensile Strength


Shop concrete pit cover

Shop Many Types of Earthing Pit Covers.

Concrete pit cover

Concrete is a composite mixture of water, aggregate ( sand, rock & gravel etc) bonded together with a fluid cement which hardens over time. Cement is actually act as a binding agent when it is mixed with water and aggregate. The life of concrete is expected to be at least 15 years.

The pit covers made of concrete are heavy duty, environmental friendly and very long lasting. The pit covers are so made that it provides proper flow of the water to it. The pit cover is used for the covering of the earthing pits. After the installation of the earthing, it is necessary to cover that pit to avoid the unwanted particle to enter into it. It is necessary to keep your pit free from these particles like plastics, wrappers, polythene etc. these particles stops the flow of water to the pits and may cause adverse affect to your earthing.

Polyplastic Pit Cover

Polyplastic Earth Pit Cover are designed by using of high grade material. The excellent qualities of dielectric properties, high chemical strengths, chemical resistance and no absorption of water make the product ideal for use.


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