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Monthly Archives: August 2015

Solar Power Supllier

Haryana Govt Announces Solar Power as Mandatory Scheme

With a vision to promote energy conservation in the state, the Haryana government has announces that the solar power generation will be made compulsory in some kind of buildings and some areas.

According to Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda, this will lead to 200 MW generation and also saving of 151 Crore on coal and other related materials.

The annual energy saving by implementing the mandatory provisions will be 320 million units. Three lakh metric tonnes of annual carbon emission will also be prevented in the atmosphere,” a Haryana government spokesman said.

The Haryana Govt has for formulated Haryana Solar Policy 2014 to promote the generation of power from solar energy. For making this policy live, several departments has undertaken necessary amendments.

Objective of Policy:

  • To boost the generation of renewable power in the state using Solar Power.
  • To create a conducive environment for both private and public units, which encourages to promote solar based projects.
  • To make productive us of waste lands in order to promote uniform development across the state.
  • To generate the employment of the youth.
  • To create solar power centers of excellence and to create a talent pool of technical professionals.

To expand the scope of investment and to augment the share of renewable solar power



Choosing just the right dimension of Earthing Electrodes and the material grade for the same is not enough to get the best possible results of Earthing. Grounding system is a concept that depends upon the moisture content of the soil. Better the moisture content better will be the results of the Earthing System. Now the big question, how to improve or maintain the moisture content of the soil. Here comes the role of the Back Fill Compound .Thus choosing the right backfill compound with the with required composition and in the accurate quantity is very important.

Earthing Backfill compound


Alfredkim offers such backfill compound that meet all the requisites of the grounding system. Its composition adheres to IS 3043:1987 Code of practice for earthing. It strictly follows the standards that has been quoted for different components in the IS Standard. Alfredkim Kimmoist Backfill Compound is certified by different laboratories including certification from NABL.Our backfill compound is highly hygroscopic and conductive in water which makes it different and unique from other Backfill Compound.


Alfred offers backfill compound which helps to prevent the earthing from corrosion .It also helps in fast dissipation of fault current and strengthen the protection .

Alfred Kimmoist compound meets every benchmark that should be followed by any standards made for grounding chemical.

Thus, choosing the right Earthing Electode with proper backfill compound is very important.


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