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Monthly Archives: July 2015

Pipe In Pipe Earthing Electrode

Alfredkim Introduces A New Technology – Pipe In Pipe Earthing Electrode

Alfredkim keeps on introducing and adding new technologies in Earthing Segment. It has now indulged itself in the manufacturing of Pipe In Pipe technology based Earthing Electrodes. Alfredkim is among the preferred suppliers of Pipe in Pipe Earthing Electrode in India. It is available in varied sizes and material grades(GI and copper).

These electrodes increase the life expectancy of the system and insure safety of the personnel. Alfredkim make chemical earthing system provides low resistance path in ground to any fault & leakage currents and ensure the smooth flow of the the current to the ground.

This technology consists of primary earthing electrode (outer pipe) and secondary earthing electrode (inner pipe). The secondary electrode is inserted inside the primary electrode and the process of hot dip galvanization is well performed to a level of 80 – 100 microns. The galvanization takes care of the elongated life span by protecting it from corrosion.

The space between the primary and secondary electrode is duly filled with a highly conductive and non-corrosive compound which safeguards the earthing electrode getting corrode over a long period of time under the soil. Also the conductive compound ensures the easy distribution of leakage/fault current if it is landed on the earthing electrode. Earthing electrodes are sealed at both the ends with two terminals for the connection of the earthing electrode Backfill compound to be used with the earthing electrode depending upon the soil conditions



The sun’s energy is continuous source of energy which is free of cost and will be free of cost always up till when the universe lasts.

  • Advantages of Solar energy:-
  • It is absolutely free of cost.
  • Solar energy is free from any kind of environmental pollution.
  • Solar energy is easily available and accessible.
  • Solar power finds its application for charging batteries so that it can be used for charging batteries.
  • Less maintenance is required.

Some of the applications are as follows.

Solar Grid Tied system is operated directly and supplies the power during sunshine hours. In this system, PV array system generates electricity and supply to connected load by inverting it to AC. It has no battery bank but it can run any kind of load on utility scale.

Solar Grid interactive systems supply the power to Grid. It is used for commercial purpose to gain the profit by selling of power on agreed tariff. Generally, it is not used for self-consumption or utility-scale.


Solar Pump is a pump running on electricity generated by photovoltaic panels. Voltage of the solar pump motors can be AC (alternating current) or DC (direct current).

Solar off-grid is system which consists of solar module/PV array, charge controller, Batteries and inverters. In this system, PV array system generates electricity and supply to connected load and simultaneously it charges the battery bank.

Solar PV Power System  is the conversion of sunlight into electricity .This generated energy is in DC which can further be converted to AC by using solar inverter.

polyplastic earth pit cover

EARTH PIT COVER – Complete Environment Friendly

We are a distinguished distributor & Manufacturers of different varieties of Earth Pit Cover. These products are manufactured by the use of supreme quality raw material which is supplied from the most reliable vendors. The products offered by us are manufactured as per the set international standards and norms. The products that we offer in this category are Polyplastic Earth Pit Cover and Earth Pit Cover. These products are highly demanded and are widely appreciated for their durability, efficiency and good quality.

We are a leading manufacturer and Supplier of a variety of EARTH Pit Cover such as Concrete Pit Cover, Polyplastic Earth Pit Cover , for our clients these pit covers are manufactured using advanced technology machines under the guidance and supervision of technically skilful teams which ensures that the manufactured goods are of A-1 quality.

Alfredkim Pit Covers offers complete protection and security to earthing system in industrial as well as commercial applications.

These are completely Environment friendly, weather proof and resistant to any kind of chemical reaction and it has been also provided with an auto lock facility at the top.

These products are in huge demand across the world because of its following features enlisted below:

  • Easy access to pipes easily at site

  • Easy access to strips/wires easily at two side

  • Made of heavy – duty polyethylene for being extra durable.

  • Resistant to corrosion.

  • Long life expectancy

  • Green top cap matches the environment

  • Can tolerate weight up to 2000 Kg…

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