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Monthly Archives: June 2015

Back Fill Compound (SABO-EREC)

Can Ground Back Fill Compound Improve the Earth Conductivity?

Alfred offers a wide range of Ground Back Fill Compound. These are manufactured using highly reached raw material keeping in mind the requirements of our clients.

The Earthing compounds offered by us are made as per the standards.

Back Fill Compound (SABO-EREC)

Alfred kimmoist Chemical is a superior conductive material that improves earthing resistivity in mostly areas of poor conductivity (rocky ground, areas of moisture variation, sandy soils etc.).

It improves the earth conductivity to a very large extent. Its following characteristics make it very unique:

  • Highly conductive, improves earth’s water absorbing power and humidity retaining capability.
  • It is non-corrosive in nature having low water solubility but is highly hygroscopic.
  • Suitable for installation in both form dry or slurry..
  • It does not depend on water presence to maintain its conductivity.
  • It is maintenance free and in its “set form”, maintains constant earth resistance with time.
  • Thermally stable between -100 C to +600 C ambient temperatures.
  • It does not require any periodic charging treatment nor any kind of replacement or services.
  • It is suitable for all types of earthing electrode and of soils of different resistivity.
  • It is environmentally and does not harms or pollutes the water table in any from
  • It is non explosive and does not cause burns, irritation to eye, skin etc.

For further information on Ground Back Fill Compound, please call to us at +91- 9810531603, or log on to

Annual Maintenance Contract Provide By Alfredkim

Annual Maintenance Contract Provide By Alfredkim

It has been an inordinate rebellion of new generation’s groundbreaking maintenance free chemical earthing electrodes together with traditional & conventional earthing technology. Primarily it was an enormous challenge for us to extent new innovatory familiarity and cognizance about this novel technology but over a period of time with too many if & buts we all started acquiescing its consequence & importance in our everyday life.

Thus it is considerably imperative to get your system methodically & scientifically checked by professional, skilled & experienced group of people under our most preferred AMC/Support Center of excellence division .This division proactively under the set of our most active services affianced by a personal ,companies conducts preplanned accomplishments to confirm comprehensive safety and modifications in the existing set up which might be a potential threat & hazards for both infrastructure & human being.

As revealed above we are into wide-ranging grounding & Lightning arrestor / conductor solutions, center for excellence for any brand chemical Earthing & lightning merchandise support services, annual Maintenance Contract. Supplier of supplementary accessories/material i.e. Ground Enrichment Material, Poly plastic pit covers, concrete pit covers, raw material all kind of metal strips and conductors etc.

Each and every material has its own nominated life span hence involves time to time examination & inspection of their corresponding properties and then apply appropriate resolutions to extract the unsurpassed, unfailing steady and dependable consistent throughput to warrant much extended & protected life span of your devices, infrastructure and lastly guard human life against unprovoked exigencies& constraints.

I am certain bearing in mind the sensitivity of its prominence, you will unquestionably contemplate such creativity in the undeviating advantage to your widespread infrastructure and award us with an appropriate prospect to serve & guard your earthing infrastructure.

For more details about Chemical Earthing Electrode Manufacturers & Suppliers in India please dial 9810531603 or log on to



Best Copper Bonded Electrodes

Copper Bonded Electrodes – A New Feather in Alfredkim Product Cap

Alfredkim Systems & Solutions Pvt Ltd Limited is among the top leading suppliers of Copper Bonded earthing electrode. We have attained proficiency in offering Earthing electrodes in different sizes and dimensions as per the requirement. We have employed our highly technical and skilful employees for the design of Copper Bonded Electrode.

Besides being the largest manufacturer of Earthing System, ALFREDKIM is a firm that continuously keeps on adding technically advance range of products. On the continuation of the same, ALFREDKIM has introduced a highly advanced product for its prestigious clients which is based on a very advance technology which is highly resistant to corrosion and has better life expectancy than GI Electrodes and is very economical than CU Electrodes. The uniform coating ensures sturdy and secure

Performance :-

We, being one of the Prime Earthing Electrodes Manufacturers, has been inculcating new designs along with the advance technology .We have provided the industry with highly efficient, compatible and cost effective Copper Bonded Earth Electrodes in variant sizes.

Copper bonded grounding Electrode has been considered as the most well suitable equipment for earthing owing to excellent resistance to oxidation. Designed on the principle of Strip-in-pipe technology, we coat the MS Rod with 250 micron of Copper. The annular space between the inner conductor and the external conductor is filled with a highly conductive mixture. It is sealed cautiously from both the ends. It is widely used because of its extremely conductive nature of crystalline mixture and resistant to corrosion, it has been used. It also offers very low impedance grounding that is necessary for protection of the machineries as well as the personnel.


  • Variant sizes choices are manufactured as per the requirement
  • Better Conductivity
  • Increased Life Expectancy
  • Economical and cost effective
  • Reduced installation area and time

For more details please log on to

Best Chemical Earthing Electrode Manufacturer

Alfredkim Chemical Earthing Electrode

We Alfredkim EARTHING Electrode Ltd, headquartered in Faridabad is a 10 year old Earthing Electrode manufacturing major providing earthing electrodes that are maintenance free and we have since been offering end to end earthing solutions for the past many years to many major industrial establishments across India.

We possess the width, depth, space and expertise in our management capability and can shoulder, undertake to provide the necessary earthing solutions in areas with difficult terrains and which no other company to the best of our knowledge has the kind of reach.

Alfredkim boasts state of the art factories and employs many people, our technical expertise and unmatched market know how has seen us emerge as the fore runner and we are the number company in earthing electrodes today with a major market share in this area of earthing specialization.

Alfredkim is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company which rigorously follows IS 3043:1987 for earthing products, tested and certified at the CENTRAL POWER REASEARCH INSTITUTE (CPRI) BANGALORE.

We offer most competitive prices and unmatched services with a sound and a very strong dealership network throughout the country . Our presence is Marked in Each every State.  Our clients/customers database has witnessed a tremendous surge, which strongly reflects the unparalleled commitment and a boost to our relentless drive towards continuous research and development, quality control and our confidence levels have touched a new height in the hope that we shall be continuously winning and delivering trust and safety for many more decades to come.

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