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Monthly Archives: April 2015


Solar Power a world-shattering & ground breaking imminent.

Anil Kumar, CMD, AlfredKim Systems & Solutions Pvt.Ltd.

Your company is diversifying & expanding by augmenting the extent of business into solar installation and EPC of solar power projects. Consequently as per out timid institution of novel solar artifact assortment we would necessitate solar power plant of specification ranging  between 1kVA-5kVA single phase and 10kVA,15kVA & 20kVA up to 1MV   three phase grid tied.

Solar foundation will turn out to be the inexpensive radical & world-shattering opportunity to engender electricity in India in impending imminent with incredible prospective

The Sun is approximately 9, 00,000 miles transversely and is at least 10 million degrees at its epicenter. The superficial area of the sun is coarsely 6,0000C and its scorching vapors emanate light that has a spectrum oscillating from the ultraviolet, through the discernable, into the infrared & ultraviolet. Photovoltaic or solar cells translate solar power unswervingly into electrical influence. Light entails of disconnected subdivision particles resembling packets of energy baptized photons. Supplementary energy from sunlight assaults the earth in one hour than all the energy disbursed on the planet in a year. At extraordinary noon on a cloudless day, the superficial of the earth collects 1,000 watts of solar power per square meter. Sunlight affords by far the prevalent of all carbon –neutral or clean energy cradles.

The proficiency & effectiveness of a solar cell is a ration of its aptitude to transfigure the energy that cataracts on it in the custom of EM radiation into electrical energy. The power rating of a solar cell is articulated in watts, as either as peak watt (Wp), which is an extent of extreme conceivable enactment under superlative circumstances or under tangible life environments counting customary operating cell temperature.

Advantages of Solar Power Installation

Solar power is unrestricted energy obtainable from sun which can be harnessed & coupled straightforwardly by exhausting solar photovoltaic. The recompenses of solar system for Industrial & Commercial sectors are as ensuing:-

  • • Augmented depreciation to the adequate & worthy industries & commercial institutions
  • • Net – metering, provender in tariff / gross metering abilities
  • • Fewer inflated Electricity for next 25 Years
  • • Very insignificant repayment period roughly  6-7 years
  • • Necessitates a reduced amount of conservation & preservation
  • • Green & Hygienic , sanitary & sterile  energy
  • • Substantiations & sponsorship by state government (if obtainable by government)
  • • Warranty & pledge of solar panel for 25 years, having 90% adeptness & proficiencies for preliminary 10 years & 80% for subsequent 15 years , and 5 Years assurance on supplementary solar product.
  • • Conservation & preservation warranty

As per authentic command revealed by Sh S.N.Roy,Principal Secretory  to Government of Haryana  ,Renewable Energy Department. Haryana Government – Renewable Energy Department  order ruling & conclusion on 3rd September,2014  via order no. 22/52/2005-5Power- In expunge of the power  conferred by Section 18 of the Energy Conservation Act,2001(Central Act 52 of 2001), the Governor of Haryana hereby issues the following directions for efficient use of energy and its conservation in the State of Haryana.

The installation of Solar Photovoltaic Power Plant for the classification of building area in column 2 as per the capacity mentioned against it under column 3 of the schedule in an enclosed “Schedule” shall be mandatory.

Subsequently Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (Grid Connected SPV Rooftop, Solar Cities and Green Building Division) information Notice no. 5/34/2013-14/RT dated 01-01-2015 duly signed and acknowledged by Scientist “F” Dr.Arun K Tripathi has technically & stringently publicized the benefits already obtainable for setting up grid connected rooftop and small solar plants in our country besides subsidy of MNRE. This information notice is bounded with this mail for your hypothetical & educational interest. This will harvest to significant remunerations to solar rooftop plants ranging from 1kWp to 500kWp.

The Government of Haryana has strictly advised implementation to ensure its compliance which is mandatory to be clinched & settled by September, 2015.

AlfredKim assortment of solar products comprises of the following:

  • • Solar grid tied system
  • • Solar off grid system
  • • Solar hybrid system
  • • Solar street lighting
  • • Solar home lighting
  • • Solar water heater
  • • Solar Pump and many more……….
Protection is our assurance: series -3

Protection is our assurance: series -3

The essential belief in fortification of life expectancy and possessions compared to lightning is establishment of a means by which lightning emancipation & liberation can arrive or dispensation earth with no consequential impairment or forfeiture to the aptitude or inhabitants. A low-impedance pathway to ground is indispensable to guarantee this uninterrupted emancipation, and to endeavor to accomplish the path of currents, generalizing disagreeable current stream through building materials, paraphernalia or workforces. The stumpy impedance alleyway to ground is succeeded by on condition that incursion dissolution diplomacy on the extraordinary point of the edifice, manifold communicating electrodes, and a ground electrode system.

Lightning is contradistinction of electricity that stereotypically transpires during thunderstorms, and occasionally during volcanic explosions or dust hurricanes. Lightning can also be instigated by vehement forest intensities that engender abundant dust or wind to generate a static charge. A secure of lightning can lightweight at a promptness of 220,000kilometer per hour and can influencemalaisesimminent30,000 degrees Celsius (°C), blistering plentiful to vehemence soil or sand into cut-glass.

Over fifteen million lightning storms transpire every single year. How lightning primarily formula is still a matter of consideration & examinations .Researchers have premeditation from atmospheric trepidations like airstream, moistness, dampness and atmospheric compression to the influence of cosmological breeze and accumulation of charged solar elements. Ice esoteric a cloud is believed to be a significant element in lightning expansion, and may aggressiveness of positive and negativeness the raincloud, therefore supporting in the embodiment & realization of lightning. In slightly topographical situation, lightning storms ensue as limited as five times or as many as 50 times per year.

A solitary lightning ostentatious will characteristically entail of from one to twenty or more discrete current thumps with the mediocre being concerning four and seven. Roughly of the utmost dominant and hazardous thunderstorms transpire over the US, predominantly in the Midwest and the southern states. These storms can also enormousness and dominant cyclones.

Collectively, every year, thousands of industrialized, commercial, inhabited, and supplementary chattels& belongings are smashed or shattered by lightning. It interpretations for extra than a billion bucks impressionability & destruction year when year. Lightning is liable for further bereavements and possessions harm than cyclones and whirlwinds collective, and of these vehement marines of nature, lightning is the only one where fortification can be frugally delivered.

Once lightning shadows greater impedance pathways, impairment may be instigated by warmness and perfunctory armies engendered throughout the emancipation progression. Utmost metals, being virtuous electrical conductors, are comparatively unpretentious by either hotness or perfunctory forces if they are of adequate magnitude to transmit the anticipated magnitude of contemporary. The metal path should be incessant and rehearsal a two-way pathway from each mugging conclusion maneuver horizontally and/or descendant to acquaintances with ground electrodes. Consumption a nonferrous metallic, such as copper or aluminum, as the conductor will guarantee the uprightness of the lightning conductor or a protracted & much stretched epoch of time.

Sphere terrain is analogous to a colossal battery continuously trailing electrons to the atmosphere. These electrons could be vanished in less than an hour excepting the resource is recurrently refilled. It is extensively decided inventors that the net result of thunderstorms befalling thousands of times day-to-day everywhere the earth is a reappearance of electrons to earth, reestablishing customary enormousness of electrons at or adjacent the superficial of the earth. The degree of electron forfeiture from earth, baptized the “air-earth ionic current,” has been intended to be nine micro amperes for each square mile of earth’s shallow. Cloudbursts return electrons to earth by daunting an incongruous electron impending ascent of roughly ten kilo volts per meter contained by a thundercloud.

The lightning singularity is demarcated as a momentary electrical emancipation with high electrical current terminated expanses of kilometers that transpires when adequate charge constructs up in the atmosphere to produce electric fields that surpass the “interruption field.” Usually, lightning is concomitant with cloudbursts, then it can also be allied with dust, hurricanes defined colossal excitements, and volcanoes.

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