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Role of GI Earthing Electrode in Electrical Earthing

 alfredk      Earthing Electrode       24th Nov 2015

gi earthing electrodes
GI (galvanized iron) earthing electrode is type of chemical earthing electrode which is very commonly use in the industry on very large scale to protect the machine building circuits etc and whole electrical equipment. GI earthing is made by high ductile and tensile material known as mild steel on which zinc coating is done through hot dip process (80-100 micron).

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Shop Many Types of Earthing Pit Covers.

 alfredk      Earthing Electrode       18th Nov 2015

Shop concrete pit cover
Concrete pit cover

Concrete is a composite mixture of water, aggregate ( sand, rock & gravel etc) bonded together with a fluid cement which hardens over time. Cement is actually act as a binding agent when it is mixed with water and aggregate. The life of concrete is expected to be at least 15 years.

The pit covers made of concrete are heavy duty, environmental friendly and very long lasting. The pit covers are so made that it provides proper flow of the water to it. T......Read More

How to Use GI Pipe With Copper Strip In Earthing?

 alfredk      Earthing Electrode       26th Oct 2015

GI pipe with Copper strip earthing
GI pipe with Copper strip earthing: An earthing metal should be capable to endure and dissipate a fault current into the ground rapidly. An earthing may be pipe/rod driven into ground or plate .Earthing pipe/rod or plate should be of good quality material which has good electrical properties. Copper and Galvanised Steel are widely used metals in earthing industry. Galvanised steel type are prefer over others due to its anti corrosion properties ......Read More

Do You Have Safe and Efficient Grounding System?

 alfredk      Earthing Electrode       08th Oct 2015

Grounding Systems
The term grounding or earthing means the connection of a part of equipment of appliance to the ground or earth. This connection is through a conductor of very low resistivity. Grounding basically done is of two type’s i.e. neutral grounding and body grounding.

Neutral grounding is done to balance the supply load. Since due unbalanced load the fault current is produced, these fault current is huge in amount and may damage electrical appliances and if in case of insulation failure my also dan......Read More

The role of CCM in Earthing Pipe

 alfredk      Earthing Protection       03rd Sep 2015

role of CCM in earthing pipe
Crystalline conducive material :-  An earthing should be capable of enduring very high fault current and to enable it a highly conducting earthing surface area should be provided to discharge a fault current rapidly into the ground. Our Crystalline conducive material is the semi mixture of various highly conducting metals to ensure a high fault current discharge capacity of earthing pipe.

This semi metal mixture is filled into the hollow space of earthing pipe which makes it......Read More
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