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Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)

It is imperative to sporadically& periodically inspect& examine the performance of your earthing equipment’s along with all other linkedmechanisms to be certain & convinced of any apprehensive performance disputes. Due to quite a few conservational, environmental and upsurge of load by supplementaryresources, insufficiency of an suitable upkeep means may directly influence the performance of services predictable to acquire from such precarious installation which entails to be reviewed intermittently to certify infrastructure & humanprotection.

Thus it is considerablyimperative to get your systemmethodically& scientifically inspected by qualifiedprofessional, certified skilled & experienced set of people under our most preferred AMC/Support Center of excellence division .This division proactively under the set of our most active services affianced by an individual, companies conducts due diligence accomplishments to confirmcomprehensive safety and modifications in the existing set up which might be a potential threat& hazards for both infrastructure & human being.

As revealed above we are into wide-ranging grounding & Lightning arrestor / conductor solutions ,center for excellence for any brand chemical Earthing& lightning merchandise support services ,annual Maintenance Contract – any brand, Repair Services, repair parts 24x7 On-site/off shore support services, comprehensive specialized training services to manage Earthing& lightning substructure. Supplier of supplementary accessories/material i.e. Ground EnrichmentMaterial, Polyplastic pit covers, concrete pit covers, raw material all kind of metal strips and conductors etc. Every single of such material has its identifiable nominated & labelled life span hence involves time to time examination & inspection of their corresponding properties and then apply appropriate resolutions to extract the unsurpassed, unfailing steady and dependable consistent throughput to warrant much extended& protected life span of your devices, infrastructure and lastly guard human life against unprovoked exigencies& constraints.

The annual maintenance contract at Alfredkim comprise of the below mentioned services: