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Director Message

“It has converted inexcusably palpable that our technology has surpassed our mortality, unabridged argument of technology. It crafts an enthusiasm for immortality on the one influence, it impends widespread extinction on the other. Technology is materialism fair-minded from natural surroundings. Slightly adequately unconventional technology is correspondent to mystic thus technology has to be conceived or embraced”

Mr Sunil Kumar – Director is extremely & vastly veteran experienced technical reserve in the company in authority for exploration and methodological assessment ancillary the technical proficient assemblage and consultative panel. Furthermore abundantly convoluted in functioning group deliberations prominent to the design and enlargement of industries thriving esteemed and predictable earthing products above and beyond assortment of enormous brand of accessories and consumables.

He possesses 25 years of the record practiced & skillful technical familiarity in handling & management of eminence, invention and shift maneuvers across quite a few provinces in the country. Thriving conversant & acquaint with project management assortments to complete achieve & accomplish progression project or preemptive projects comprising entrustment and apportionment of errands to the technical force. A well proficient & erudite reserve in bestowing and succumbing the innumerable deliverables to design and development of product collection.

Mr Sunil kumar has a splendid & marvelous acquaintance with quality control & certification processes warranting industry unsurpassed technical quality of the numerous projects deliverables while indulgent the extensive menaces concomitant with the work, counting the political & strategic characteristic of it. Extremely thriving & efficient technical cheerleader to the entire technical staff and strongly have faith in augmenting their technical talents.

Mr Kumar is an exceptional & admirable participator in the management team and at peripheral conventions and events, assisting in upholding a extremely positive functioning association with the internal and external teams together with project allies. He is branded to execute considerable proficient errands under much traumata and thought-provoking circumstances counting compression and deadlines. His respectable & worthy premeditated and methodical discerning abilities, aptitude to network & mediate with people and ability to work in a diverse multicultural environment fetches gigantic morals in the progression of our organization and in conclusion possess a sense of diplomacy.