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Chairman Message

Alfredkim Chairman Anil Kumar Nagar “As a Chairman & Managing Director of Alfredkim Systems & Solutions Pvt.Ltd. I muscularly have confidence in that proselytizers brand healthier & convalescing products. They care more and attribute long term industry morals. For a campaigner, it’s not unprejudiced about the business. There has to be a vigorous business exemplary and the business has to make wisdom, but that’s not why you do it.You do it since you have roughly evocative that inspires you.”

Mr Anik Kumar - Chairman and Managing Director’s all-encompassing & large –scale techno-commercial upbringing comprises decades of policymaking ,administrative & governmental involvement contained by hard-core real estate occupational, co-founder of maintenance free Chemical earthing technology in the country and exceedingly social and political associate temperament individual. Recognised to be decidedly collective social sloping character and expressively & meaningfully funded in the evolution of humanity.

Ever since in preceding 2 decades he has detained a number of significant & important cross-functional protagonists in sales, services and management of few of the perpendicular. Most recently, as CMD he was accountable for amassed brand mindfulness transversely the industry while accumulative market share.

As the CMD Mr Anil Kumar besides in authority for motivating & augmenting revenue across all markets in India & overseas, preserving customer interactions and leading regional sales teams to institute & establish marque & trademark of AlfredKim Systems & solutions Pvt.Ltd.

A true idealistic and attentive to customer centric attitude transports an amusing & ironic familiarity on the board to certify uniformity in evolution and proceeds.

Apart from his vibrant & self-motivated methodology to preserve customer’s fidelity & loyalty Mr Kumar is recognized as a delightful superb bureaucrat and have faith in in providing cutting edge technology & product, services divergence to safeguard unswerving customer’s welfares.”