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"Empowering your Electrical Safety"

Earthing is that the method of making an alternate path for the flow of fault/excessive currents safely into the bottom. Earthing is that the physical bonding / affiliation of electrical / electronic equipments by a conductor to the planet. It’s a famous undeniable fact that earth composition constitutes of diverse materials consisting of each smart & unhealthy conductors of electricity. For this reason and as a point of reference, the earth's potential is assumed to be zero. once Associate in Nursing object is grounded, it's thereby forced to assume constant zero potential because the earth. If just in case of variation within the potential of the grounded object (higher / lower), current can tolerate the grounding affiliation till the potential of the article and earth are constant.

‘Alfredkim Systems & Solutions Pvt. Ltd.’ feels proud to be one in every of the leading and most desired makers of Earthing Electrodes and Ground Enrichment Material (KIMMOIST).

Company follows IS:3043 1987 and IEEE 80:2000 standards in providing consultation services for earthing systems and is sharply following the reason for safety protection of individuals, property and equipments in industrial , industrial and domestic installations within the country. The standard products offered by are being well accepted by all of the leading electrical consultants in India.
We offer services for attachment Solutions starting from System style, Engineering, producing and Installation for grounding systems.
The company is keen in manufacturing extremely economical earthing electrodes, that not solely save valuable human lives, however conjointly their properties against any harm with perpetually developing an honest earthing system, that is economical and reliable for an extended amount of your time.

Alfredkim Products

GI Earthing Electrode
Polyplastic pit Cover
Copper Earthing Electrode
Plate Earthing
Concrete Pit Cover
Advanced Lightning Arrester
Conventional Lightning Arrester
Clamps Clips Couplings
Copper Strips / Gi Strips
Ground Enrichment Material
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Chairman Message

Alfredkim Chairman Anil Kumar Nagar

“As a Chairman & Managing Director of Alfredkim Systems & Solutions Pvt.Ltd. I muscularly have confidence in that proselytizers brand healthier & convalescing products .They care more and attribute long term industry morals. For a campaigner, it’s not unprejudiced about the business .There has to be a vigorous business exemplary and the business has to make wisdom, but that’s not why you do it.You do it since you have roughly evocative that inspires you.”

Mr Anik Kumar - Chairman and Managing Director’s all-encompassing & large –scale techno-commercial upbringing comprises decades of policymaking ,administrative & governmental involvement contained by hard-core real estate occupational , co-founder of maintenance free Chemical earthing technology in the country and exceedingly social and political associate temperament individual.

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Director Message

Alfredkim Managing Director Sunil Kumar

“It has converted inexcusably palpable that our technology has surpassed our mortality, unabridged argument of technology. It crafts an enthusiasm for immortality on the one influence, it impends widespread extinction on the other. Technology is materialism fair-minded from natural surroundings. Slightly adequately unconventional technology is correspondent to mystic thus technology has to be conceived or embraced”

Mr Sunil Kumar – Director is extremely & vastly veteran experienced technical reserve in the company in authority for exploration and methodological assessment ancillary the technical proficient assemblage and consultative panel .Furthermore abundantly convoluted in functioning group deliberations prominent to the design and enlargement of industries thriving esteemed and predictable earthing products above and beyond assortment of enormous brand of accessories and consumables.

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